Welcome to Pomash!

Welcome to Pomash, where our mission is to  HELP young people to be more successful in professional and personal life. We believe that a person can be happy only when he/she lives a balanced life.

About Us

We are a team of professional Managers with experience in soft skill training. We have seen life from various angles and understand what a typical executive in today’s corporate world or an individual in our society has to go through. We have worked hard to identify and pinpoint skills and ideas that need to be imbibed by a typical middle class person to be happy and successful in today’s world.

When we look back at our own lives we see that if someone had shared such thoughts with us back then when we were in our 30’s, might be that our life would have been shaped differently. That is why we have committed ourselves to share our learning through experience, study, workshops, lessons from our seniors and that biggest university called life.

Our Programs

One or two days is a very short period to make a lasting change in the behaviour and habits of people.That is why we have a sharp focus on a few key skills and we are committed to remaining available for further coaching/ help or guidance to all our workshop participants. In our workshops we do not teach just theory, we believe in sharing a concept and then making the person do it himself and creating a plan to sustain the change over long-term. That is why we can promise that every person who attends our workshops will change and improve in some way after the workshop.

Venue for our workshops is Golden Valley Resorts, Kajupada, Ghodhbunder Road.  You can see the website of this resort.

It is a beautifully designed resort with a swimming pool, place for games, it is beautifully graced by nature, you are literally in a calm forest, yet just 100 meters from the busy national highway, NH-48, Ghodhbundher Road, Thane.



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